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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Arlington

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Arlington
What You Need to Know Before Moving to Arlington

With Amazon and other major tech companies opening major divisions in Arlington, Virginia, the city’s seen an influx of young professionals moving here. There is a lot to love about Arlington, regardless of demographic, but as a young person looking to put down roots here, there are a few different things you should know before you move here.

What you need is someone familiar with the realities of being a young professional in Arlington, and I’m here to act as your guide to homes, nightlife, and career opportunities in this new place you get to call “home”.

Arlington Virginia, a modern, diverse city

Diversity is at the top of Millennials’ lists when it comes to choosing a city to move to. Seeing as they are much more socially conscious than their older counterparts, they tend to favor cities with a rich melding of cultures, and Arlington makes for a great candidate. Of more than 200,000 people in Arlington, close to half are foreign-born and most often come from India, El Salvador, or Mexico. 40% of the population is non-white

That makes for a modern, diverse city where everyone can feel welcome. Particularly as tech hires tend to come from a lot of different backgrounds and are much less homogenous than, say, employees in traditionally white-collar industries like finance, a city like Arlington is ideal, hence why so many tech companies are making the move here.

Numerous career opportunities in Arlington Virginia

One of the most important considerations for a young professional is the scope of their career opportunities in any new town. Arlington actually attracts numerous smart, accomplished young Millennials due to their fruitful tech opportunities.

Amazon establishing their HQ2 here is a big draw, but aside from that, there are also a lot of other options for ambitious career-oriented youth. There are at least 20 emerging tech companies and brand new start-ups, as well as major established companies that are actively recruiting and that would make an excellent stepping stone in any young professional’s tech career.

Bloomberg, Lockheed Martin, Rosetta Stone or Deloitte are just a few of the big names that attract young professionals here. In addition, government jobs abound here. The U.S. Marines and the Pentagon are both headquartered in Arlington, and as a matter of fact, 30% of the positions available here pertain to government agencies and entities. If you’re looking to expand your resume with some relevant career experience, then a strategic move to Arlington makes a lot of sense.

Arlington, VA Very laptop-friendly

As a city that attracts a disproportionate number of tech types, it’s no surprise that Arlington is a very remote work friendly place. Not only are houses equipped with home offices, but you’re also welcome to work in plenty of coffee shops around town.

For example, Three Whistles is especially designed as a European coffee house that welcomes coworking. Arlington also has a lot of dedicated co-working spaces for those who are remote workers or self-employed and achieve better productivity in an environment where there’s some structure.

The ability and accommodations to work from home are very important to most employees these days, not just because of the pandemic, but because the culture surrounding work is changing. More and more people are happy to work from home and tech companies tend to be more lenient in that regard, so it’s super important for the city to accommodate this type of lifestyle.

Is Arlington VA Close to Washington?

And speaking of careers, the proximity Arlington has to Washington is also a major advantage, especially for long-term potential. Living here offers you all the advantages of access to a major city, but without the drawbacks that living in Washington would entail, like the high cost, overcrowding, and high level of pollution.

It’s no secret that bigger cities tend to offer more opportunities, not just in terms of career, but also social life, romantic life, entertainment, education, etc. That’s why Washington and Arlington were both voted in the top cities for graduates. Even if you’re not planning to move into Washington at the moment, moving closer to this area may be a necessary move for future plans. Living close by enables one to easily commute to and from Washington for work, school, or nightlife.

Active nightlife in Arlington Virginia

And speaking of nightlife, if you’ve not yet reached an age where you’re looking to settle down or start a family, then you’re probably interested in all the entertainment and nightlife opportunities the city has to offer.

The good news is that Arlington is not a sleepy town by any means. There is actually a very active bar & restaurant scene. Whether you’re looking for diverse ethnic cuisine like high-quality Mexican food, Asian food, or other favorites or fancy bars your wants and needs are surely catered to.

If you’re looking to move your body on a Saturday night, local clubs are happy to provide you with the perfect playlist to dance the night away. Head over to the Diva Lounge or the Lot to get your groove on.

In addition, Arlington boasts a thriving music scene and artistic community. You can catch a lot of cool live shows here at JV’s Restaurant and The Anthem, as well as concerts at The State Theatre, Gypsy Sally’s, or Stone Room Concerts.

Arlington Virginia Real Estate

What about your living situation? Anyone would be happy to hear that crime in Arlington is low, as is unemployment. Any of the neighborhoods would make a safe and lovely home for someone who’s at the beginning of their career.

Affordability is not a concern, as there are homes available for various income levels. Apartments are common and they come furnished or unfurnished, according to preference. They can be modern or more historical, depending on the part of town you choose to reside in.

There are actually a lot of new, youth-oriented builds targeting young professionals moving here for jobs, whether living alone or in a shared home environment. Even if you cannot afford a place of your own just yet, there is always someone else looking for a roommate.

Final thoughts

If you’re a young professional contemplating a move, Arlington should receive serious consideration. The main draw is that it offers so many diverse career opportunities, so it features heavily on recent graduates’ lists. There are major tech companies that would be happy to welcome you, as well as many peers of the same age and interests. The proximity to Washington doesn’t just boost career opportunities, but it also means that the city is lively and exciting.

The local nightlife is great, with bars, restaurants, clubs, and numerous live music venues at your disposal. It makes for a lively, attractive nightlife that you will surely enjoy. In addition, should you decide to start a family in the future, you’re in the right place to make a long-term home.

If you are looking for a Realtor that specializes in Arlington real estate, give me a call. In all honesty, I know the market very well because I have lived here all my life.

Bonus, I’m pretty social too! Follow me on Facebook @Brad Winkelmann Real Estate Arlington VA, Orange Line Metro.

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