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The Best Things About Living in Arlington, Virginia

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Named one of the best cities to live in the nation in 2022, Arlington has been experiencing rapid city growth during the few past years. With a dynamic city life and quiet suburbs, Arlington combines the best of both worlds while offering a fantastic combination of accessibility, advanced public transportation, great education, food culture and unique outdoor experiences. If you’re thinking of moving to Arlington, Virginia, here are the top things that make this city a desirable location for many future residents.

The Best Things About Living in Arlington, Virginia
The Best Things About Living in Arlington, Virginia


Located about 5 miles southwest of Washington DC is located right across the Potomac River. Rosslyn, Pentagon City, Shirlington, and Lyon Village make up some of its many neighborhoods. Arlington itself is quite walkable depending on the neighborhood and you can get around without a car if you had to. In the most urban areas, such as Rosslyn and Clarendon, you can easily get around by foot.


When it comes to public transportation, Arlington has many options to offer. The Washington DC Metrorail is a six-line train system allowing Northern Virginia residents to easily commute between its cities. In addition, the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) connects the DC area to Virginia's most southern cities. If you’re a fan of alternative means of transportation or an avid cyclist, then Arlington is the ideal place for you. With numerous routes designated for bikes, you can take advantage of the Capital Bikeshare service which has many stations across Arlington.


With high ranking public schools (no. 1 school district in Virginia), 72% of Arlington’s population has successfully completed a bachelor’s degree or higher which means that education is a top priority for the people living here. Arlington Traditional School, Williamsburg Middle School and Yorktown High School are considered some of the best schools in the city, and Marymount University and George Mason are well-respected universities.

Real Estate

Arlington’s real estate market offers a wide variety of housing options, from luxurious apartment buildings in the Rosslyn neighborhood across the Potomac River to single family homes and townhomes in Shirlington. If you enjoy suburban living, East Falls Church provides just that! The median home value in Arlington is around $695,504 with a housing affordability index of 82. If you’re in the market of purchasing your next home, deciding what home type best suits you is one of the first steps in your home buying process. If you enjoy city life, then condominiums would be more appropriate for you. If a quiet suburb is your cup of tea, then a single-family home should be on your radar.

Food Heaven

If you’re a foodie, Arlington has a variety of restaurants to make your taste buds happy. From ethnic foods to gourmet dishes, there are over 2,000 eateries to choose from. If you’re in the mood for an authentic Neapolitan pizza or some Greek cuisine or even a little delicious comfort food, you’ll get to enjoy the most authentic and flavorful dishes right here in Arlington.

Outdoor Activities

If fresh air and greenery is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! With over 11% of its land reserved for outdoor parks, Arlington has over 1,100 acres of beautiful local parks and nature centers. If you’re a dog owner, you give your pet some playtime at many of the dog friendly parks like Shirlington Dog Park, Fort Ethan Allen Dog Park and James Hunter Dog Park. When it comes to hiking trails, green forests and scenic waterfronts, Arlington doesn’t fall short in keeping you active. From the scenic views of the Potomac River at the Potomac Overlook Regional Park and the nature filled Theodore Roosevelt Island to the beautiful George Washington Memorial Parkway, Arlington offers a myriad of fresh-air activities.

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