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Senior Moving Services: Finding Help for Your Next Move

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Whether you’re moving into a new single-family home, condo, or retirement community, several senior-friendly services can help to take some of the stress and manual labor out of the moving process. Check out this article to learn all about these services and how to find the help you need for your next move!

Senior Moving Services: Finding Help for Your Next Move
Senior Moving Services: Finding Help for Your Next Move

Senior Moving Services Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If you have an upcoming move, it’s important to begin planning as far out as is feasible. Among your tasks, you’ll have to decide what to do with your old home. Moving is tough at any age, but seniors are more likely to experience relocation stress syndrome (RSS) as the result of a move — especially if they’ve lived in the same home for many years. A Place For Mom explains that the symptoms of RSS may include anger, depression, forgetfulness, and irritability — but weight loss, nausea, and sleeplessness are also common. However, move managers can help to improve a senior’s quality of life as he or she prepares for a move and settles into a new home.

According to the National Association of Senior & Speciality Move Managers (NASMM), senior move managers can help with the following:

  • Organizing and downsizing personal belongings

  • Creating a plan for aging in place

  • Interviewing and hiring professional movers

  • Setting up belongings in the senior’s new home

To find a senior move manager for your next move, visit the NASMM website to enter your zip code and search radius. Move management fees vary, but you can typically pick and choose the types of services you need help with. Moreover, some move managers charge a flat fee per moving package while others charge by the hour.

Full-Service Moving Companies Prevent Senior Injuries

In addition to the emotional challenges of moving, injuries are also common when seniors attempt to pack, lift, transport, and unpack their own belongings. Some common moving injuries include pulled back muscles, sprained ankles, and injuries involving the knees. But with help from full-service movers, seniors can leave the heavy lifting to the professionals — and reduce their risk of injuring themselves on moving day.

Feel Safe and Secure in Your New Home

Once you’ve settled into your new home with help from a senior move manager and full-service moving company, you’ll have a few more tasks to complete before you’ll start to feel safe, secure, and at home in your new space. As one example, installing a security system can help to put you at ease in your home. Several senior-friendly security features include smart locks, security cameras, motion detection, video doorbells, and professional monitoring services.

Rekeying your locks is another task you’ll want to complete after moving in, as this cost-effective alternative to changing the locks will prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home. The average homeowner pays between $50 and $150 to rekey a door, but exact fees vary and emergency services are typically much higher. To find a reputable locksmith, search “find a locksmith near me” and read customer reviews and ratings.

Eliminate Moving Day Obstacles

Wherever you’re moving to, the important thing is that you’re not handling the move on your own. Instead, invest in the services of a senior move manager and full-service moving company to reduce moving anxiety, prevent injuries and accidents, and ease the transition into your new home. These professionals will save you time and stress as they pack and unpack your belongings, sort and remove any unwanted items from your home, and transport your belongings from one home to the next.

Relocating becomes much more difficult as we age, but that’s why senior-friendly moving services are so readily available to those who need them. Whether you hire a senior move manager, full-service moving company, or both, you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of time and headaches so you can focus more of your attention on finding a suitable home and enjoying your Golden Years!

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