How to Sell Your Arlington Home in the Fall or Winter

Unsure how how to sell your home Arlington in the Fall or Winter? Are you waiting until the spring to list your home? You don’t need to wait for warmer weather to sell your house, and you can get a great price for your home during the off-season. A few simple tips will help you get your house ready to sell, and close the deal in just a few months.

The View From the Street First impressions are extremely important, so think about curb appeal, and how your house looks from the street. You want buyers to be impressed in your home before they even set foot inside. Take some time on landscaping details like trimming the trees or adding some potted plants by the front door. Draw attention to your windows with a quick and easy makeover. You can add shutters for a homey feeling, or paint the trim for a pop of color. Keep your yard clean and tidy and make sure you rake and mow the lawn before the first snowfall.

Seasonal Decor If you’re showing your home during the holiday season, decorate carefully. You want your home to be inviting and invoke holiday cheer, but be careful that the decorations don’t overwhelm the house itself. Opt for simple decorations like a wreath and candles and stay away from too many string lights either inside or outside your home.

Keep your home toasty warm inside and be sure the temperature is comfortable. Leave the heat on even when you’re at work so that potential buyers don’t walk into a chilly house. Warmth is very inviting, and keeping your house cozy could make or break a sale.

Lighting Your House Set the mood with the right lighting and make your home attractive to potential buyers on dark winter evenings. You won’t be able to rely on sunlight for most of your viewings, so replace any burnt-out bulbs and buy an extra lamp to get rid of gloomy shadows. Focus on the lighting in the kitchen. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home and not just a place to cook. Make sure the lights are bright enough for easy cooking, but avoid harsh white light to keep the kitchen warm and friendly. Finally, get a bright outside light so buyers can read your house number in the evening and feel welcomed in from the cold.

Take Professional Photos With the lower temperatures and busy holiday schedules, fall and winter home buyers will spend more time looking at listings online and choose to visit very few houses. Taking professional photos of your home (hiring a professional will likely cost $100 – $300 a shoot) for the online listing can put you ahead of the competition, and show your home in the very best light. Buyers will have a great first impression of the home and want to see more.

Pricing Your Home Just because you’re selling your home in the fall or winter doesn’t mean you need to compromise on price. Buyers are out year-round, and last year, nearly a million homes were sold during the winter. In fact, you might get a better price in the off-season! Only serious buyers are out during the winter months, and with fewer homes on the market, your chances of a sale actually increase. You may be able to sell your home in a matter of months, without needing to lower your price. When pricing your home, be sure to educate yourself on the current pricing and trends in your area (homes in Arlington are currently going for an average price of $577K).

Selling your home in the fall or winter is a great choice, and with a bit of prep work, you’ll have potential buyers very interested in your lovely home. Take the time to research the market, find out what buyers are looking for, and easily sell your home this winter.

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