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Living in Clarendon Virginia

Living in Clarendon Virginia
Living in Clarendon Virginia

About Clarendon Arlington Virginia

Growing up in Arlington, I can tell you that Clarendon is a great place to live because it is very urban-suburban in the sense that there are a lot trendy hotspots and hangouts like Copperwood Tavern, Northside Social, Spirits of 76, and Heritage Brewpub, but there is also a nice mix of family friendly appeal with plenty of parks and walkability. And yes, there is even a Whole Foods! In addition to a multitude of housing options like single family homes, condos, and townhomes there are a number of public transportation options with close proximity to major hubs that make driving places possible too—and if you live in Northern Virginia, you understand the value of having multiple transportation options (and being able to drive places reasonably)!

This walkable neighborhood features an interesting combination of upscale businesses, chain stores, and locally owned shops. Plus, there are great bars and restaurants, notable office buildings, and even public art and respectable pockets of open space. Neighborhoods tend to be quaint and quiet with lots of trees. You will find that locals enjoy Clarendon just as much as any tourist!

Community: Clarendon Arlington Virginia

One of my favorite things about Clarendon is the sense of community you feel there. This neighborhood is host to several events each year, including Arlington’s Neighborhood Day parade (held the second Saturday in May), the Mardi Gras Ball, and Tax Blues Night. Most notably, Clarendon Day, is held on a Saturday in mid-October and features live music, local eats, drinks, and coffee, clothing, jewelry, crafts, kid’s games and rides, contests and other local traditions. Also, every spring Clarendon is host to one of the largest one-day professional and amateur bicycle races in the U.S called the Clarendon Cup, part of the Armed Forces Cycling Classic. Clarendon also offers a seasonal farmers market featuring organic produce, baked goodies, plants and herbs, homemade soaps and other specialty items.

Geographics: Clarendon Arlington Virginia

Geographically, Clarendon sits right between Ballston and Rosslyn, which are also high quality neighborhoods with a lot to offer. However, the borders of Clarendon ebb and flow a bit and you will likely hear Courthouse and Clarendon used interchangeably because it is difficult to designate where Clarendon ends and Courthouse begins. Roughly speaking, Clarendon’s borders as Lee Highway to the north, Kirkwood Road and Irving Street to the west, Route 50 to the south and southeast, and Barton and Veitch Streets to the east.

If you are looking for a single-family home in Clarendon, they are mostly located in the northern and southern parts of the neighbored. To the south, Lyon Park features and array of Cape Cods, bungalows, colonials, and some new construction. On the northern side in Lyon Village you will find larger homes with a range of styles including Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Tudor Revival, Classical Revival and Spanish Mission Revival styles.

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Clarendon you will definitely want to be proactive because Arlington is a competitive market. Let me help you gain an advantage and get first-to-market knowledge that will really pay off. Winklemann Properties can help you find the perfect home in this sought-after area – contact us today to get started!

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