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Living in National Landing: What You Need to Know

National Landing has been chosen for Amazon’s HQ2, which means that thousands of employees are now looking to find the perfect home in the area. What does that mean for you? Here’s what we think you should know about living in National Landing.

Living in National Landing: What You Need to Know
Living in National Landing: What You Need to Know

Northern Virginia was chosen to be the home of Amazon’s HQ2 headquarters project. More than 200 cities clamored to have their name put in the hat for Amazon’s headquarters and Arlington Virginia won! If you are an Amazon employee relocating for your job, welcome!

Not only does Amazon bring thousands of employees relocating to National Landing for their jobs, but this headquarters project also brings plans for economic development, commercial projects, and environment and infrastructure development. Not to mention the 2.5 billion Amazon investment!

There’s no doubt that National Landing is going to be an amazing place to live for those relocating with Amazon. But more than that, this area will now attract lots of different people to consider buying a home in this newly announced and soon-to-be growing area of Northern Virginia.

What is Nation Landing, Exactly?

This is actually a really great question to start with. National Landing isn’t an already existing city, but an area of Northern Virginia, encapsulating multiple parts of different cities that Amazon created to be host to their new HQ.

The newly-defined neighborhood encompasses Crystal City, the eastern portion of Pentagon City, and the northern portion of Potomac Yard. It’s said that National Landing was a joint project decided on between Amazon and the cities of Alexandria and Arlington.

National Landing is less than 3 miles away from downtown Washington, D.C. It’ll be served by the Crystal City and the upcoming Potomac Yard Metro stations; both stations provide access to the D.C. Metro’s Blue and Yellow Lines. A new pedestrian bridge will also connect National Landing to Ronald Reagan National Airport.

The Hot Housing Market in National Landing

Having a huge project like Amazon’s HQ2 moving in right next door, a lot of already-local Northern Virginians are feeling nervous about what impact Amazon’s headquarters might have on the real estate market.

What about those looking to relocate for their job and find a home in National Landing? It might be a bit of the same story. Across the country right now, housing inventory is low and demand is incredibly high. The result? Heavy competition in the market where buyers are making offers way above asking price and still not winning a bid.

In National Landing, you can expect to see the same trends taking place (we're already seeing them). Since Amazon’s announcement that Northern Virginia is going to be the home of their next HQ, the number of homes under contract in the area has continued to rise.

However, there are a lot of things you can do proactively to help your chances of getting your dream home here in the city. Get your finances under control, don’t make any big purchases leading up to buying a home, get pre-qualified, and be prepared to write a letter to current homeowners telling them about yourself and why you’d love their home. These are just a few options that will help you out.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Help

Because relocating to National Landing is going to be a pretty exceptional circumstance, you’re going to need someone who knows the area and what the market is like on your side. More than other places, finding the right realtor to walk you through the homebuying process is going to make a huge difference in how smooth and easy the process is.

At Winkelmann Properties, I work hard to help my clients through every step of the process. I also have extensive experience in working with law enforcement, military, government, Foreign Service officers, and people in the technology industry. You are in good hands!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Amazon choosing National Landing for it’s HQ2 is going to be incredible for Northern Virginia and is going to attract families and economic development for decades to come. This is a very exciting time!

If you are relocating to National Landing with Amazon, you are moving to an incredible place to call home. Minutes away from D.C. and the history and attractions that come with it, National Landing is going to be an amazing place to work, meet friends, grow a family, and establish your life.

We hope to help you in any way that we can - whether that be a simple phone call or helping you close on a home. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and we can’t wait to welcome you to Northern Virginia. Happy moving!

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