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Living in Ballston Virginia

Living in Ballston Virginia
Living in Ballston Virginia

Thinking of living in Ballston?

Part of Virginia Square, Ballston is a unique neighborhood in Arlington. What makes Ballston special is the casual vibe. It is a college town and urban tech hub, but also has a small town suburban feel, which all combine to create something of a quiet urban bustle. With lots of trees and nearby parks, this area is a popular place to live because there are a number of highly desirable employers, the schools are fantastic, the neighborhood is walkable, there is a nightlife scene, it is family-friendly, and the community is served by Metro’s Orange and Silver lines as well as Arlington and Metrobus Transit buses. Rental bikes are also widely available through the Capital Bikeshare program.

What's in Ballston Virginia

Ballston is home to local universities like Marymount University and George Mason’s Arlington Campus as well as satellite hubs for many other colleges. Beyond the quiet college scene, Ballston is a major a science and technology hub and features major organizations like the National Science FoundationDARPAAccentureApplied Predictive Technologies, the Office of Naval ResearchHomeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency and more.

The Ballston Neighborhood

While Ballston is transient, it maintains a stout urban-suburban pulse. Popular annual events include Quarterfest (formerly Taste of Arlington), the Arlington Farmers Market, Festival Argentino and more. Additionally, other local events like yoga, concerts in the park, art exhibits, bike tours, 5k races and the like are offered regularly in and around Ballston. Ballston also has a great dining and entertainment scene featuring popular spots like Stageplate Bistro, DIRT, Crafthouse, Cheesetique, RusticoCopa Kitchen & Bar, Medium RareEarl’s SandwichesBuzz BakeshopBig Buns Damn Good Burgers and more!

In the heart of Ballston you will find a variety of condo options ranging in affordability, amenities, and luxuries. Just a few blocks north or south you will find townhomes and single family homes. Because this is a highly desirable location, inventory is often low. Ballston features a number of brick colonial style homes, many of which have been renovated. You will also find other varying architectural styles including smaller bungalows and larger Victorians. On average, single family homes in Ballston start around $700k with many homes selling for well over $1M.

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Ballston you will definitely want to be proactive because Arlington is a competitive market. Let me help you gain an advantage and get first-to-market knowledge that will really pay off. Winklemann Properties can help you find the perfect home in this sought-after area – contact us today to get started!

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