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Modern Furniture Trends Taking Pace in 2019

Modern Furniture Trends Taking Pace in 2019

Wondering about the modern furniture trends taking pace in 2019?

Modern furniture typically is defined as furnishings designed and created beginning in the latter part of the 19th century until the current time. The hallmarks of modern furniture design include:

  • elimination of excess

  • practicality

  • elemental design

With these fundamentals in mind, there are a number of modern furniture trends of note worth considering in 2019. These include some trends that ignited in the past couple of years that are really coming to “blaze” in 2019.

Lightweight Modern Furniture Weighs In

A trend that has been picking up steam in the past couple of years is the growing use of lighter materials in the creation of modern furniture pieces. The use of lightweight materials is considered to be perhaps the most practical trend associated with modern furniture design this year. Through the use of lighter weight materials in the crafting of this style of furniture, more convenient, pliable, adaptable, and easily movable pieces are available for use in the creation of dynamic residential décor schemes.

Reclaimed Materials is More Commonplace in 2019

A notable trend associated with modern furnishings is a notable uptick in the amount of reclaimed materials that are being used in these types of furniture pieces. Examples of some of the more commonly used reclaimed materials being incorporated into modern furniture include:

  • wood

  • glass

  • metal

  • brick

  • stone

  • ceramic

  • plastic

Space Saving Design

Since its inception, there has always been a sense of practicality associated with the design of modern furniture. This remains a reality in 2019. One of the prime areas in which the practicality of modern furniture is being underscored today is found in space saving design concepts. Attention is focused on designing modern furniture pieces that are sleeker than even what has historically been found in this décor genre.

When it comes to tables and chairs, design decisions are being implemented that rendered these items easier to stow, when necessary. This includes making furniture pieces readily stackable or collapsible.

Natural Fibers Dominate Modern Furniture Coverings

During the 20th century, the use of synthetic materials to cover modern furnishings was the proverbial standard operating procedure. Indeed, synthetics remain commonplace when it comes to fabrics used as coverings and for related purposes on modern pieces. With that duly noted, natural fibers are coming on strong when it comes to modern furniture covering design concepts in 2019. The more common types of natural fibers that are eagerly being incorporated into currently designed modern furnishings include:

  • leather

  • silk

  • wool

  • linen

  • cotton

Blends are also being touted when it comes to modern furniture pieces, including chairs and sofas. The combination of synthetic and natural fibers is proving popular with people who seek to unite the positive features of these two types of fabrics.

Bright, Bold Colors Rebound in 2019

An element of modern furniture design concepts that has ebbed and flowed for generations is the incorporation of bolder, brighter color schemes. There are plenty of people who likely consider themselves modern furniture purists that are wed to the idea the proper hues for modern furnishings are what technically is a lack of color. These individuals believe that modern furniture should be wed to a “color scheme” that includes white, black, clear, and basic grays.

In 2019, the idea of staid color schemes associated with modern furniture is being challenged for the umpteenth time. Currently, a powerful trend exists for the creation of stunning modern furnishings taking advantage of bold colors. This includes a sharp focus on primary colors: red, blue, and green.

Green Design and Manufacturing Concepts Rev Ahead

In 2019, green design and manufacturing concepts are becoming ever more important when it comes to the creation and production of modern furniture. Growing attention is on the manufacturing process itself. An increasing number of designers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers are intent on ensuring that the manufacturing process for modern furniture is as ecologically friendly as possible.

On a closely related note, these same cohorts of people are also keen on the use of eco-friendly materials in the production of modern furniture. This is one of the reasons why reclaimed materials are featured in an ever growing number of modern furniture pieces and products on the market today.

As is the case with many types of trends that glide across the decorating landscape in any given year, some of the concepts discussed here in regard to modern furniture very well may flame out in due course, and that course might not be particularly far down the pike. With that said, there is no evidence that the popularity of modern furniture design will consigned to a back burner any time soon.

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