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How To Get Your Arlington Home Ready For An Outdoor Party

How To Get Your Arlington Home Ready For An Outdoor Party

Is your Arlington home ready for an outdoor party?

Do you need to get your Arlington home ready for an outdoor party? Summertime in Arlington can be hot and humid, however, we do enjoy many pristine weather days throughout the season. With the prime weather conditions, you may be planning a backyard BBQ and party with family and friends soon and your outdoor space needs to look good. Here are some tips for your next outdoor soiree.

Ambience and Décor Tips Arrange a DIY centerpiece for the food serving area using anything from foliage from the garden to holiday decor.

Choose an outdoor sound setup and create a playlist or choose a streaming channel to fit the mood of your party.

Decorate with herbs and flowers from your garden or plants in decorative containers.

Go for a farmhouse or shabby chic look by stringing solar or battery-powered lights or lanterns.

Plan for seating and children; be sure to have plenty of seating for adults – you can mix indoor and outdoor furniture. And be sure to set up an area for kids to play with things like sprinklers and bubbles.

Dealing with Bugs Consider setting up a fan or two and using citronella candles and tiki torches to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Limit those annoying wasps by hanging traps away from eating areas.

Food & Drink Tips Consider making easy spritzer drinks for guests and don’t forget to keep drinks cold before the party. Transfer them to an ice-filled cooler about an hour before guests arrive.

Create stations for grilling, beverages, garbage, food, and other outdoor necessities.

Plan a simple menu and purchase nonperishable goods in advance; make recipes ahead of time and freeze or coordinate what dishes your guests will bring.

Pre-wrap plastic cutlery in napkins and choose lightweight but sturdy plates.

Prepping Your Property Be sure to cut the lawn and prune any shrubs, bushes, and trees.

Break out the hose and wash down all your outdoor furniture, clean out any cobwebs, and surface clean pillows and cushions.

Get out the broom or blower and sweep the patio, walkways and driveway.

Tidy up the guest bathroom(s).

Follow these tips and to get your Arlington home ready for an outdoor party and your next gathering is sure to be fun, festive, and filled with that perfect summertime ambiance.

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