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7 Deck Design and Decor Strategies

7 Deck Design and Decor Strategies

Looking for some fresh deck design and decor strategies? A deck on a home is likely to become a true focal point of a residence. Designed and decorated correctly, a deck not only represents a true living space but can boost the market value of your home. There are seven design and décor strategies to bear in mind to make the most of your deck.

Create Different Areas on Your Deck

If you are like many homeowners, you may take advantage of your deck in a number of different ways. You may use your deck for relaxing, dining with family, entertaining friends, and other activities. Thus, a strategy you will want to consider when it come to designing your deck is to divide it up into different areas.

For example, you can have a section of your deck dedicated to dining and food preparation. You can have another area of your deck designed rather like a living or family room inside your residence. Indeed, in many ways, the manner in which you divide out your deck and design each section is completely up to your own whims and wishes.

Tile the Deck Floor

Virtually every deck every where has a wooden floor devoid of any covering whatsoever. If you are like most people, your deck is likely to become one of the most widely used spaces in your home, if not the most frequently spot in your residence.

Because this will be such an important space in your home, when it comes to flooring, you might want to “think outside the deck.” In other words, just because most decks are designed a certain way doesn’t mean that you must follow suit.

When it comes to the flooring of your deck, consider adding tile. With the addition of tile on the “deck of your deck” you are able to make a bold statement. In addition, you’re also taking a very practical step. As a general rule, rule is easier to keep clean than is a wooden surface typically associated with deck flooring.

Install Outdoor Cabinets

As mentioned a moment ago, you may be like many people and use your deck for an array of different purposes. Because of these diverse uses of your deck, you absolutely need to consider installing outdoor cabinets on you deck.

You can install cabinetry in the section of your deck designed for food prep and dining that allows you to store those items you need for such purposes: cookware, dinnerware, silverware, and so forth. In addition, you can have other cabinets installed that allow you to stow other items associated with entertaining and other uses you make of your deck.

Fire Up a Pit

Installing an outdoor fire pit is another solid addition to your deck. This presupposes that at least part of your deck is open. An outdoor fire pit adds a cozy element to your deck and renders the space more useable throughout the year, including in communities with colder winters. They are great focal points for everything from parties to evenings with the family.

Build In a Jacuzzi

A pool oftentimes doesn’t add value to a residence. Indeed, when the time comes to sell, many homeowners learn that a good number of house hunters who might otherwise be interested in a residence turn away when they learn of the presence of a pool. The same cannot be said of a jacuzzi. A jacuzzi won’t impair the market value of your home and might even give it a bit of a boost.

In any event, a jacuzzi built into your deck adds a relaxing addition but also one that will be appealing to guests. A built-in jacuzzi also adds a sleek look and feel to a deck as opposed to a bulky above-ground derivation that tends to make a deck feel smaller, if not cramped.

Add Vacation Vibes

No matter where you live, you can enhance the appeal of your deck by adding what might best be called vacation vibes. For example, you can give you deck a beachfront look and feel by adding rattan furniture and a seagrass rug. In most cases, you can vacation-up the look and feel of your deck by painting deck rails white. This tends to work no matter the color used on the exterior of your residence. It sets the deck a bit apart from the house with disturbing an overall sense of residential harmony.

Create Unity and Flow

If your deck is off a primary room in your residence, as it is likely to be, you want to create a sense of unity and flow. You want your deck décor to harmonize with that in the interior room adjacent to the deck. This permits a deck the ability to maintain its own properties but also become a true extension of the residential living space.

By employing these strategies, you will create an idyllic deck. Indeed, you deck will become the envy of the neighborhood and a worthy addition to your home.

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