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Discovering Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

Updated: Aug 17

What are top interior design trends for fall 2023? A lot of homeowners and designers are asking what the leading interior design trends for fall 2023 will be.

This isn't just about keeping up with the latest styles or making your home look Instagram-worthy. No, it goes much further than simply being fashionable or making your home look like something from a magazine.

The right interior design can transform a house into a home, creating spaces that reflect who you are while also being functional and comfortable.

So let's delve into what top interior design trends for fall 2023 have in store - from sustainable chic to grandmillennial style, biophilic bliss to bold monochromes.

Discovering Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

Uncover top interior design trends for fall 2023. From eco-friendly to grandmillennial style, transform your Northern Virginia home today.

Biophilic Bliss: The Rise of Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

The surge in biophilic design within Northern Virginia homes is a testament to the growing desire for stronger connections with nature. This trend, offering endless possibilities, transforms living spaces into tranquil retreats.

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

Convenient Living with Functional Home Layouts

Incorporating functional home layouts is key when it comes to indoor-outdoor living. Open floor plans are gaining traction due to their ability to blend interior and exterior spaces seamlessly, enhancing aesthetics while improving functionality simultaneously.

An outdoor kitchen that transitions smoothly from the main house can be achieved by utilizing natural materials such as wood cabinetry and stone countertops. Architectural Digest showcases stunning examples here.

Apart from kitchens, small areas like balconies or patios can also be optimized under this trend. By integrating elements such as ambient lighting fixtures and comfortable seating arrangements, these spots serve multiple purposes ranging from relaxation zones to social gathering points. Houzz offers valuable insights on maximizing small outdoor spaces here.

This marriage between indoor and outdoor living not only enhances convenience but also promotes green living through increased use of natural light, thereby reducing energy consumption - an important aspect considering our increasing focus on sustainable choices in future interior design trends.

Bold Monochromes: A Statement in Modern Living

Monochrome design is no longer a fleeting trend but an enduring choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. This style, characterized by its use of one color or varying shades thereof, makes a strong statement in modern living spaces.

The appeal lies not just in the aesthetic value but also the functionality it offers. For instance, consider an all-white bedroom that serves as a serene retreat from daily stressors or imagine how striking contrasts can transform your living room into a space brimming with drama and sophistication.

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

Ambient Lighting for Mood Enhancement

Within this monochromatic framework, ambient lighting takes on even greater significance. Ambient light, which fills up most of the room's space without causing glare or shadow formations, has profound implications on mood enhancement and overall aesthetics.

Your selection should go beyond mere illumination; each fixture must serve dual purposes - to brighten up areas effectively while adding character to your decor scheme. Sleek pendant lights suspended over kitchen islands make stunning focal points, whereas fabric-shaded table lamps introduce warmth into traditional settings.

Incorporating dimmers provides flexibility when controlling brightness levels depending upon the time of day or activity - be it hosting dinner parties under soft glows at dusk or enjoying movie nights bathed in gentle luminescence after sunset. Dimmer switches thus become indispensable elements within bold monochrome interiors.

Grandmillennial Style Meets Tradition

The grandmillennial style is making waves in Northern Virginia homes. This fresh take on tradition combines old and new, creating a unique aesthetic that's both nostalgic and contemporary.

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

This trend celebrates the charm of yesteryears while catering to modern conveniences, resulting in an interior design approach that exudes warmth, sophistication, and comfort. Discover more about this emerging decor trend here.

Custom Cabinetry Creating Unique Spaces

In grandmillennial style interiors, custom cabinetry plays a pivotal role. It adds character to any room while enhancing functionality - be it pastel-hued kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities adorned with vintage hardware; every detail counts.

Mixing traditional elements like carved woodwork with sleek lines results in an updated look. Here are some tips for incorporating custom cabinetry into your space effectively.

A well-designed cabinet does not only offer ample storage but also serves as a statement piece reflecting personal taste. Check out these inspiring examples showcasing how best to use this design element within the grand millennial style context.

Japandi Fusion: Harmonizing Japanese & Scandinavian Design Principles

The Japandi fusion trend is revolutionizing the interior design landscape. This harmonious blend of minimalist aesthetics from Japan and warm functionality from Scandinavia creates interiors that resonate with tranquility, balance, and sustainable choices.

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

At its core, this style emphasizes simplicity in form while prioritizing function. It promotes clean lines complemented by natural materials such as wood or stone. Discover more about Scandinavian design principles here.

The Front Door - Making First Impressions Count

In a Japandi-inspired home, even the front door serves to set an aesthetic precedent for what lies within. A simplistic yet impactful entrance can create lasting impressions on visitors.

A well-designed front door embodies both cultures' ethos - minimalistic elegance stemming from Japan paired with cozy warmth characteristic of Scandinavian designs.

Selecting suitable material like metal or wood along with subtle colors such as white or grey makes all the difference when it comes to designing your entryway following Japandi principles. Check out this guide offering insights on choosing appropriate color palettes according to these trends in interior design.

Mixing Old And New - A Trend That's Here To Stay

The intermingling of old and new decor trends is a striking testament to the timeless appeal of eclectic design. This trend, predicted to be a major player in 2023's interior design scene, invites homeowners to weave vintage elements into modern settings.

One approach gaining traction involves introducing brass fixtures, an enduring favorite into contemporary spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms. The warm metallic hues provide an eye-catching contrast against sleek finishes like stainless steel or matte black, creating intriguing visual narratives within these functional areas.

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

Furniture also plays an instrumental role in achieving this mixed aesthetic. Traditional furniture pieces a grand antique table or plush Victorian-style sofa placed against minimalist backdrops create unexpected yet harmonious visuals. Game tables made from reclaimed wood, for instance, paired with abstract wall art can strike a balance between classic elegance and avant-garde style that speaks volumes about your personal taste.

This blend not only adds visual interest but infuses character and personality into living spaces. It tells stories - each piece reflecting different eras while collectively contributing towards one cohesive narrative. Wallpapers with chinoiserie patterns, for example, offer another way of blending past influences with current styles without compromising on sustainability the future cornerstone of interior design choices.

Sustainability in Furniture and Decor Choices

As we navigate the future of interior design, sustainable choices emerge as a critical trend. Homeowners are becoming more mindful of their environmental footprint and integrating sustainability into furniture and decor selections.

One approach to embracing this trend is through furniture crafted from reclaimed materials. These pieces not only add rustic charm but also promote green living by repurposing old timber, thus reducing waste.

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2023

Beyond eco-friendly furniture options, homeowners have started gravitating towards sustainably produced or recycled home decorations too. Wallpapers with chinoiserie patterns can serve as an excellent example of creating stylish yet environmentally friendly interiors.

The Significance of Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco-conscious materials play an essential role in realizing sustainability within our homes. They help mitigate harmful emissions associated with conventional manufacturing processes while endorsing responsible resource use.

Apart from being beneficial for the environment, these natural textures lend warmth and authenticity that synthetic counterparts often lack, thereby enhancing your home's aesthetics too.

Making Sustainable Choices: A Long-Term Commitment

Prioritizing sustainability goes beyond merely following trends; it signifies making wise long-term investments. Durable items last longer, which reduces replacement costs over time.

  1. Natural fibers like cotton or linen make great upholstery fabrics due to their durability and biodegradability.

  2. Cork flooring offers a renewable alternative to traditional hardwood floors.

  3. Rugs made of jute or sisal provide texture without compromising on eco-friendliness.


Exploring the top interior design trends for fall 2023 has been a journey of discovery. From embracing sustainable chic to creating biophilic bliss, we've seen how homes in Northern Virginia are being transformed.

Bold monochromes have made their mark as a statement in modern living while grandmillennial style is redefining tradition. Japandi fusion continues to harmonize Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, proving that minimalism can be both beautiful and serene.

Mixing old with new decor pieces has emerged as an enduring trend, bringing together the best of different eras. And let's not forget about sustainability - it's making waves in furniture and decor choices like never before!

At Winkelmann Properties, we're excited about these emerging trends and look forward to seeing them come alive in our clients' homes this fall season. We invite you to explore more insights on local real estate advice and essential tips for Arlington area properties on our website.

Brad Winkelmann is a former police officer and veteran Real Estate Broker in Arlington Virginia. Many of his clients are Civilian and Veterans of the Military, Law Enforcement, Federal Government Employees and Defense Contractors, and Technology Professionals.

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