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Best Neighborhoods in Arlington for Families

Arlington is one of the best areas for raising kids in Northern Virginia. With Washington, DC so close, continual growth, low crime rates, great public elementary schools, as well as extraordinary high schools, this area has much to offer. So, here's our list of the best neighborhoods in Arlington for families.

Best Neighborhoods in Arlington for Families
Best Neighborhoods in Arlington for Families


Bluemont was established in the late 19th century, and it's currently one of Arlington's biggest suburban neighborhoods. It offers five quality schools, including the top-ranked McKinley Elementary School, a tight and responsible community, and plenty of dining options. This neighborhood provides safe, clean, and friendly living options in Arlington. It's also known for diverse housing options and abundant job opportunities. Furthermore, there are many restaurants, coffee shops, playgrounds, parks, and bike trails, all of which make Bluemont quite attractive to families.

Arlington Ridge

Arlington Memorial Bridge
Arlington Memorial Bridge connects Arlington to Washington DC, which is very convenient for families.

Arlington Ridge has neat streets and plenty of single-family homes situated along a hillside in south Arlington. It provides scenic views over the Potomac River, a number of historical sites, and many family-friendly amenities. Also, it is home to the Aurora Hills Branch Library and Prospect Hill Park. Arlington Ridge is very convenient as it is very close to Washington, DC, so families with kids will have an easy time visiting the many museums and monuments. All in all, this is a very desirable location, with a quiet community, proximity to many shopping centers and restaurants, and an interesting mix of old and new homes with big backyards. Furthermore, it has a vast green open space and the best mix of the suburban and urban lifestyle.

Lyon Village

Lyon Village is a friendly, walkable neighborhood with charming homes, tree-lined streets with sidewalks, quaint traffic circles, and a highly regarded Francis Scott Key Elementary school. Also, it's located near the bustling Clarendon area, where you can find dozens of shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. This neighborhood has beautiful green spaces, such as Lyon Village Park that has a tennis court and a playground. It's where the annual Fourth of July picnic and parade take place.


Students raising their hands in the classroom
Arlington has great schools, which are very appealing to families

Westover has a unique charm, distinct identity, sense of community, and schools with an excellent reputation, such as Walter Reed Elementary School and Swanson Middle School. It's one of the best neighborhoods in Arlington for families since they can enjoy many community activities and gatherings that bring the neighborhood together throughout the year. Westover features colonial-style houses, as well as affordable apartment complexes. Here you'll find an abundance of small locally-owned businesses. Westover Branch Library gives children plenty of opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Residents love to visit the Westover Farmers Market, where they can buy fresh local products.

Garden City

Garden City is known for its recently built Discovery Elementary School. It's a net-zero, energy-efficient school that attracts many families. This school has a butterfly, vegetable, and bio-retention garden.

Yorktown High is another great school in this neighborhood. There are numerous playgrounds and opportunities to exercise. Furthermore, residents can walk to some of the many shops and restaurants in the area. The community comes together for many events during the year.


A happy family hugging each other in the park
All the best neighborhoods in Arlington for families offer beautiful green open spaces

Cherrydale is an excellent area for families, with great parks, trails, and schools. It's convenient, safe, and clean. Cherry Valley Park allows you to be close to nature, and the whole family can enjoy the tennis courts and baseball fields at Stratford Park.

The Cherrydale Citizens Association also hosts many fun activities year-round. When the weather is nice, Marymount Farmers Market becomes very popular as all families come here to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dominion Hills

This peaceful area is excellent for raising kids. Dominion Hills offers a convenient lifestyle in a gorgeous wooded location. There are many charming average-sized houses dating back to the 1940s and 1950s, and new construction is very rare here.

Dominion Hills has a real community spirit, and residents are committed to making this area a great place to live. This walkable neighborhood is home to many green spaces, including the beautiful Bon Air Park Rose Garden. There you can find picnic areas, basketball courts, paved paths, and playgrounds. So, outdoor fun is guaranteed! There's also a public pool and Ocean Dunes Waterpark - a theme park explicitly planned according to kids' needs and preferences. It has a spacious spray pool, many waterslides, as well as countless different activities for kids to enjoy.

Chain Bridge Forest

This quiet and serene neighborhood is named for the Chain Bridge connecting Washington, DC and Arlington. It has many single-family homes with gorgeous trimmed lawns and landscapes. This beautiful area is located a short drive away from the nation's capital and many popular sites. The Madison Community Center and Park feature game rooms, a gym, and playgrounds. Also, there are multi-purpose fields for kids and parents to enjoy.

Are you moving to Arlington?

If you've decided to move to Arlington, you have to choose the neighborhood that fits all needs of your family. However, you also need to plan for the process of moving itself. There may be some unexpected costs, especially if you realize that you have too much stuff you want to take with you. Luckily, you can rent a storage unit for your belongings in Arlington and have them close to your new home until you decide what to do with them. Your items will wait safely at the storage unit, while you're finishing other important tasks.

Moving requires good organization and time-management skills, so plan for these things in advance. Make necessary arrangements as soon as you find the perfect home.

Final thoughts

One thing is for sure - if you're buying a home in Arlington, Virginia, you have a lot to look forward to! When you choose one of the best neighborhoods in Arlington for families, you will enjoy the many benefits that this area has to offer. We wish you good luck and many happy moments with your family.

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