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5 Off the Radar Arlington Virginia Neighborhoods

There are places all around Arlington Virginia that don't require any marketing assistance. However, there seem to be a lot of regions in the town that don't get quite as much attention as I feel they should.

5 Off the Radar Arlington Neighborhoods
5 Off the Radar Arlington Neighborhoods

So, in this article on Arlington VA neighborhoods, I will discuss some of the most underrated communities of the city.

5 Best Arlington Neighborhoods

There are some fascinating neighborhoods in Northern Virginia. Now, let's discuss a few of the unique places in Arlington VA real estate:

1. Halls Hill – High View Park

Hall's Hill, also recognized as High View Park, is Northern Virginia's oldest enclave. One of the things making this area unique is that several of the residents are descendants of the folks who founded it.

This region was once part of the plantations of Basil Hall and Willian Marcey. They sold most of their property to the formerly enslaved people for around sixty cents per acre.

Besides, Halls Hill was separated and self-contained, with its stores, churches, and businesses, creating a safe harbor against racism in Northern Arlington. But it is far more diversified now, having Black residents accounting for only around 21 percent of the population. Also, people refurbished or rebuilt many older properties as property prices have risen.

However, certain features of Halls Hill, such as its activist spirit and bootstrapping mentality, have remained.

2. Glencarlyn

In 1888, George W. Curtis and Samuel S. Burdett founded Glencarlyn. They established it as a summertime neighborhood for Washingtonians looking to get away from the city's high heat. Ball-Sellers House, Ball-Carlin Cemetery, the public library, etc., are some of the fantastic places in the neighborhood.

The woodlands and parks encircling Glencarlyn on three corners are also historically significant. In 1775, George Washington purchased land within those woods. Neighbors are likely to walk by and connect over wildlife encounters. The place's narrow roads, small lots, and sheltered terrain add to a feeling of a genuine village.

3. Salona Village

Spacious lawns, trees and shrubs, and plots ranging from a quarter to a ½ acre in size enhance the Salona Village's charm. Builders constructed Salona Village in the 1950s, with rather humble residences. Most of the houses were ranch-type or small colonial designs.

Neighbors stroll their pets, and children ride bicycles to school across quiet lanes in this area. Furthermore, it has a rustic environment in the midst of it all. So, the neighborhood has become a hotbed for new development.

The neighborhood got its title out of a homestead established in 1805. The majestic brick manor home was built around 1790-1810 and is currently undergoing refurbishment.

4. Tara-Leeway Heights

Tara-Leeway Heights is one of the most peaceful neighborhoods in the country. You will get many conveniences nearer to home. For example, the Virginia Hospital Center and Westover village are too close to the area.

It is an intergenerational community that grew up in the aftermath of the Great Depression, like many others in the region. The place has people living there for sixty years, transitional military spouses, and even younger families. Thus, it creates a lot of diverse viewpoints.

It is one of the most social neighborhoods where people gather for progressive dinners, street parties, and holiday activities. Moreover, a month-long pickleball game erupted on one street during the pandemic's peak. And the organizers asked everyone passing by to play. So, it is no doubt one of the wholesome regions of the country.

5. Greenway Downs

Greenway Downs was mainly a neighborhood for the working-class people. However, it is two distinct communities having the same name. The lee highway is responsible for separating the two places.

Retail establishments, pubs and restaurants, playgrounds, and the historic State Theater, a prominent live music place, are all within easy reach in both communities. New and old have begun remodeling or reconstructing the ancient Cape Cods or Colonials. Thus, it is changing the style of the communities, making the cityscapes more diverse and unique.


For more insight, check out blog 10 Family Friendly Neighborhoods: Arlington, VA. There are many underappreciated Arlington VA neighborhoods that are special. You've got to know a few of them in the article. So, don't forget to visit these places whenever you get time. Thanks for reading through. Have a great day!

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