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4 Insider Design Tips for a Pandemic Home Makeover

As we’re still dealing with this pandemic, you may be looking for some fresh new changes. If you’re craving these refreshes for your home, you’re not alone. Even as they prepare to step out more, people everywhere are still looking to update and enhance their home spaces. These insider design and improvement tips can help you plan your projects.

4 Insider Design Tips for a Pandemic Home Makeover
4 Insider Design Tips for a Pandemic Home Makeover

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Freshen Up Your Furniture

Couches became the center of life during the pandemic. We ate takeout from our favorite local restaurants, took conference calls, led kids through virtual learning and streamed endless hours of entertainment. After all that love and use, your couch and furniture may need a makeover.

No need to part ways with your favorite piece just yet though! Instead, consider investing in reupholstery services from a seasoned local professional. You can expect to pay $1,200 to $3,500 to cover a couch, and $40 to $60 to ditch old fabric on a dining room chair. Keep in mind that the total cost of your reupholstering project will depend on how much fabric is needed, what sort of material you prefer and any customizations you desire. Instead of searching for “companies that reupholster near me,” check out online profiles and reviews on sites like to find local pros in your area, and then get estimates from your top picks.

Be Willing to DIY Other Updates

Want to revamp some wooden furniture? While upholstery should be left up to pros, painting is a project you can easily DIY. Proper prep work is key for getting a good finish. Other than this crucial tip, feel free to get creative! This is also a handy way to enhance thrift store finds.

DIY home projects are a perfectly productive way to kill time as you wait to re-emerge from your pandemic routine. But don’t stop at your furniture! There are so many fun and stylish updates you can conquer all on your own, like repainting kitchen cabinets or making over a bathroom.

Since outdoor spaces are bound to still be a major draw, you can also put a little effort into transforming your backyard into your own personal oasis. Then you’ll have the perfect spot to hang out solo now, and to celebrate with friends once social distancing becomes a part of the past.

Make Over Your Entire Home

You could keep things simple with a fresh couch or updated cabinets. Instead of being meek, go bold with your home updates and create the sort of space you’ve always dreamed of! Hire a professional design service to help you create the perfect blend of warmth, welcoming and style.

If you don’t want design services for your entire home, you could ask about a single room. Perhaps your designer could help you overhaul your living room to complement the refreshed couch, and then you can use their tips to transform the rest of your living space on your own.

Be Sure to Create Flow and Balance

No matter if you go bold or keep changes minimal, you should always strive to create a sense of flow and balance throughout your home. Achieving this can be challenging when your style is more eclectic than anything else, but the trick is to get picky with your central palette.

With a central palette sorted out, you can get funky with patterns, prints, textures, and art. Perhaps most important of all, eclectic spaces need to be free from clutter and mess. If this all sounds too complicated, you have another good reason to consult with a professional designer.

You're not the same person you were a year ago. Why shouldn’t your living space evolve, too? Seize this time as your opportunity to explore a different aesthetic, refresh some old favorites, and create the home you’ve always dreamed of having.

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