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Modern Furniture Trends Taking Pace in 2019

Wondering about the modern furniture trends taking pace in 2019? Modern furniture typically is defined as furnishings designed and created beginning in the latter part of the 19th century until the current time. The hallmarks of modern furniture design include: elimination of excess practicality elemental design With these fundamentals in Read More

Living in Lyon Village

Are you thinking about living in Lyon Village? For families, Lyon Village is a highly desirable place to live in North Arlington. This quiet and well-established neighborhoods are very popular because this communities feature detached single family homes within walking distance of public transportation, which is unusual based on the Read More

Recovering from Loss: When It’s the Right Time to Sell Your Home and Move On

Guest post by Lucille Rosetti After you lose a loved one, your home can feel haunted. Old memories living there can perpetuate the sting of losing a loved one months or even years after the loss, and sometimes, it’s in our best interest to move on from old wounds and Read More

Living in Cherrydale

Are you thinking about living in Cherrydale? Comprised of three adjacent neighborhoods, Cherrydale is a popular neighborhood in Arlington and is great for families. Once filled with cherry orchards, this close-knit neighborhood has been around since 1893. Today, this hilly, tree-lined neighborhood lies at the intersection of Five Points, and, Read More